Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Remnants of an old jetty out to sea at St Ouens
Fern unfurling
Just a few days old, 4 baby ducklings born but unfortunately their mother abandoned them at birth, all was not lost a chicken came to the rescue and took them under her wing, don't know whats going to happen when they should be going for a swim rather than scratching around....
Great Catch
Wet and shiny
Slipping away
Long distance swimmer
After the sun has gone
Sunset at Plemont
Footsteps in the sand
Pebbles in a pool
The railings....
Sea wall
Pretty shells abandoned by the sea
Windows to an empty space, once filled with anger now empty and isolated.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Moving Tide
Moving Sands...
Drifting sands La Rocque Beach Jersey
Seymour Tower at La Rocque Jersey Channel Islands, a fortress used to defend the islands in Napoleons time. Its a mile out from the shore and can only be walked too at low tide with a guide, its a national trust property so you can rent it for an evening stay for £150 per night with the guide, so long as you bring your sleeping bag and is prepared to rough it a little, be prepared to take all food etc as when the tide comes in your cut of till the next low tide.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hello this is my first blog

Male silverback gorilla at Durrel Conservation Zoo in Jersey, He's 26 years old and is shorlty being sent to Africa as he is going into retirement. Quite an aggressive character when you try and take his photo, it has been known for him to throw banana's , toys etc at your so you don't get the shot...nice!